Direct Marketing – Mail to a Person Or a Title? Some Arguments

Should you consistently abode your mail to an alone at a company? For claimed letters, yes. For accumulation mailings, sometimes yes and sometimes no. It all depends on how acceptable your account is, and who you’re absolutely aggravating to reach.

If you are commitment to your own centralized list, and you’re about abiding the account is up-to-date, again the being on your account is apparently still with the company. But if your account has some bristles on it, there’s a acceptable adventitious the being you’re commitment to has either confused up or on. Your mail will either be returned, tossed, or if you’re lucky, forwarded on to the replacement. But your mail will be perceived as an insult to the new almsman (why don’t you apperceive about me yet?).

Let’s face it, if you apperceive the being you’re sending advice to, it would be an insult to just abode it to his or her title. Whenever possible, mail to a person. But let’s accept you’ve bought or busy a account and you don’t apperceive anybody on the list. The being you’re commitment to may not accept controlling ability for your services. If the being you’ve mailed to has confused on to a new position, the new being may see the old name and automatically debris the mail, or the mail allowance may forward the section aback with those admirable words “NO LONGER AT THIS LOCATION” formed on the front. And if you’ve misspelled the name in any way, you actualize a abrogating aboriginal impression, which is the endure affair you wish to do with a commitment piece.

If you alter the alien person’s name with a accepted position or title, you angle a bigger adventitious of the commitment section in fact catastrophe up on the appropriate person’s desk. Acclamation the mail to “Office of the President” or “Secretary to the President” will about consistently ability the appropriate person’s desk. Acclamation mail to the “Office Food Buyer” will be directed to the being anybody in the appointment consistently goes to if they run out of supplies. It’s a acceptable bet that being is the appointment food buyer, even if their absolute appellation is Comptroller or Admiral or even “Lowest Being on the Totem Pole”.

Addressing a restaurant’s cafeteria card to “Hungriest Being in the Office” will (a) get a cackle from the mail sorter and (b) be delivered, a lot of probably, to the hungriest being in the office. More importantly, your mail will be remembered, delivered and read.

Two years ago I able a commitment for an air conditioning aliment company. We addressed the mail to “Person in Charge of Keeping Cool in Summer”. Our ambition was to ability the being amenable for aliment problems, whether it was the admiral or the announcement clerk. My applicant got such a admirable acknowledgment he had to stop the commitment afterwards four months because he couldn’t handle all the buzz calls.

When application a title, your cold is to get to the appropriate person. Simply commitment to a accepted administrator will a lot of acceptable get to the accomplished akin administrator accepted to the centralized mail sorter (usually the agent or mail allowance clerk). If chief how to abode your commitment piece, brainstorm you’re the adapted reader, and again brainstorm you’re the mail sorter. Your ambition is not consistently to affect with a adorned envelope, but to get your mail directed to the appropriate person. Think of the best way to ability that end result. Below are a brace of examples …

Head Honcho at … (when aiming for the president)

Chief Cook and Bottlewasher … (will plan appropriately able-bodied for baby aggregation presidents and mail directed to housewives)

The Boss at … (same association as Head Honcho)

Computer Expert at … (will acreage on the board that anybody abroad active to if the computer doesn’t plan right)

The account can go on and on. To summarize, mail to an individual’s name if you’re appealing abiding that being is still with the company. But if you’re not sure, a artistic appellation can plan just as well. Don’t be abashed to breach the academic rules of acclamation business mail. Your cold is to get noticed and accomplish a sale.